A Scottish Gathering - Suitcase


There’s no chance of losing your luggage with Steven Brown’s lightweight, hardwearing suitcases. The exterior artwork is simply stunning, in a glossy, high-quality finish, and inside there’s plenty of room for everything.

The artwork is protected behind a hard covering material - so there is no need to worry. 

These spectacular cases are available in 5 different sizes.


LARGE - Size: 78cm x 52cm x 28/32cm. Weight: 5kg. Capacity: 95 Litre

MEDIUM - Size: 68cm x 45cm x 26cm. Weight: 4.1kg. Capacity: 80/91 Litre

CABIN - Size: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Weight: 3.4kg. Capacity: 52 Litre*

KIDS - Size: 43cm x 29cm x 20cm. Weight: 2.1kg. Capacity: 29 Litre*

OVERNIGHT - Size: 42cm x 46cm x 22cm. Weight: 2.8kg. Capacity: 32 Litre*

  1. Each case is made from 100% polycarbonate.
  1. Roller wheels allowing the suitcase to be rolled in any direction (Excluding Overnight Case).
  1. Extendable handle as well as a regular handle on the top and side of the case (Side handle not on Overnight or Kids)
  1. Internal compartment separator.
  1. A sleek and stylish TSA “Transportation Security Administration” lock which will prevent the suitcase from being unlocked unless the correct  combination code is used.


Our Suitcases come with a 2-year warranty. This covers manufacturing issues with the cases such as faulty wheels, locks, zips, etc. 

If you encounter any problems with your Steven Brown suitcase then contact our dedicated customer service team by submitting a ticket or call us on 01292 501740 - we would love to help you!

This does not cover accidental damage caused by yourself or the airline. Full details can be seen here.

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