Colouring Sheets, Colourful Cows and The Rainbow Effect

As a symbol of hope for a brighter future, rainbows and brightly coloured window art have become synonymous with “lockdown”, with Steven’s colour-centric art experiencing a significant surge in sales.

Colouring in sheet by Steven Brown Art

Steven Brown Art, known for its colourful McCoo Cows, characterful animals and bright, bold abstract prints, has experienced a 30% uplift in online business during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the artist’s work tapping into the UK’s primal love of colour that has also seen people decorating widows, trees and pavements during this time of uncertainty.


With Mental Health Awareness Week upon us, we’ve also been offering free downloadable colouring sheets for children and adults alike, keeping families both North and South of the border occupied and filling homes with colour.

Steven Brown, Artist and Brand Ambassador for the company, said: “At what is an incredibly unsettling and worrying time for most, we’ve had so many families send us in photos of their colouring-in sheets, and some other incredible art that has been inspired by our work.”


We’ve specifically seen a distinct rise in canvas sales, with Steven’s wall art bringing “an instant hit of colour” to any home.

The nation’s current obsession with everything multi-coloured also led to us bringing forward the launch of our latest Colouring Book (Volume 3), with Volumes 1 and 2 currently completely sold out.

The majority of the company’s printed canvases and lifestyle products are produced by Derbyshire-based The Blackfish Group, a creative marketing and print company that has been given the green flag to stay open during this time, printing technical labels for one of its key clients manufacturing Ventilators, as well as providing marketing support to the care home sector.


Explore our range of colourful canvases here.


May 20, 2020 — Ian Bristow