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Introducing the king of colour, Mr Steven Brown!


Steven Brown Painting
Steven Brown with a highland cow sculpture


Steven Brown Art is becoming a household name. His colourful characters, landscapes and lifestyle products add an attractive twist to any home, with a design to suit everyone.

It's easy to see the charm of these eye-catching collections, but how did Steven Brown burst into our lives? What's so special about this business, bursting with talent, energy and drive?

Steven was born in 1972 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Although he loved art at school and dreamed of becoming an artist, he found himself in the retail profession, where he worked until 2012.

After moving to Irvine in 1992, he met his wife Caroline. They live a simple family life, happy to be close to their three children and two grandchildren.

Harris McCoo painting by Steven Brown

In 2012, Steven suffered two heart attacks and during his recovery and a period of depression that followed, he took up his paintbrush as a form of therapy.

While at home, he experimented with colour and materials, developing an abstract technique, which allowed him to grow into the artist we know and love.

The popular appeal of Steven's style quickly became apparent, when his first McCoo, 'Harris', was received with tears of joy from its recipient. Encouraged by friends, 'Auld Tam' was then successfully painted and auctioned for Ayrshire charity, 'Cash for Kids'.

'The Tree of Aura' was painted shortly afterwards as a personal piece to reflect growth and hope for the future. After these early successes, it was time to move to the premises in Ayr that's now Steven Brown Art.

The McZoo family has been inspired by Steven's passion for elephants. Just like the McCoos, the public has wholly embraced all the new animals in his portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new at Steven Brown Art?

Steven Brown has expanded his collection with a new addition, "Emily McCoo," a stunning and colourful Highland cow painting. This latest piece joins his herd of playful and vibrant cow artworks, showcasing the artist's ongoing creativity and dedication to his distinctive style.

What does Steven Brown paint?

Steven Brown's paintings are heavily influenced by the Scottish countryside and his love of animals, particularly the Highland cow, which he portrays in a playful and imaginative way. His paintings also featuring other animals, such as dogs, cats, and unicorns, and his vibrant designs can be found on a variety of products, including prints, canvases, mugs, cushions, and phone cases.

Why did Steven Brown start painting?

Steven Brown's interest in painting began at a young age, however it wasn't until later in life that he decided to pursue a career as an artist. In 2012, Steven suffered two heart attacks and during his recovery he took up his paintbrush as a form of therapy.

During this period, he was able to refine his style and create the unique and vibrant artwork that has become so popular with fans. Today, his art continues to inspire and delight people around the world.

Where can I buy Steven Brown’s art?

Steven Brown's iconic artwork is available for purchase on his website,, as well as from licensed stockists like Next Online and Amazon. His colourful and distinctive designs can be found on a variety of products, such as canvases, mugs, cushions, chopping boards, and suitcases, providing fans with numerous ways to incorporate his vibrant style into their daily lives.

Where is artist Steven Brown from?

Steven Brown is a Scottish artist, born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1972. He has spent most of his life in Scotland and draws much of his inspiration from the country's stunning landscapes, wildlife, and culture. Brown's artwork often features iconic Scottish symbols, such as the Highland cow, and his distinctive style has gained him a dedicated following both in Scotland and around the world.

What is Steven Brown's most famous painting?

One of Steven Brown's most famous and popular paintings is "Heather McCoo" which features a colourful and playful depiction of a Highland cow. This artwork has become synonymous with the Scottish artist's signature style and is widely recognised as one of his most iconic pieces.

Who is Steven Brown?

Steven Brown is a famous Scottish artist known for his colourful and endearing paintings, prints, and merchandise featuring his signature Highland cow characters.