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How to choose the perfect Steven Brown product to match your interiors-Steven Brown Art

How to choose the perfect Steven Brown product to match your interiors


Whether you’re matching an existing room in your home, or you’re planning a complete interior style overhaul, there is a McCoo, McZoo or landscape that’s perfect for you.

With over 130 designs available, Steven’s artwork can be matched with a whole host of colourways, interiors and designs.

Heather McCoo - Lilacs, Oranges, Grey & Cream

One of the most-loved Coos in Steven’s colourful herd, this iconic multi-coloured highland cow is glamorous and cheeky, and is the perfect addition to most rooms in the house. 

Naturally, her vibrant colours call for a pastel colour combination to match, and lilac is a stand-out option. Whether you’ve got purple tones in your living room or home office, Heather McCoo is a great addition to add a splash of vibrancy to those rooms.

Angus McCoo - Purples, Greens & Greys

Angus’ colour wheel is very complementary with Heather’s and so they can make a great pair in any room. However, if you’re looking to decorate a room with earthy tones, Angus McCoo is a great addition here too. 

Etsy reported that shoppers are looking for ways to incorporate green, with searches for emerald green decor up by 60%. Green is synonymous with calm and reassurance, symbolising growth and reinvention, and Angus fits quite nicely into this.

Francie & Josie McZoo - Pastel Greens, Yellows and Oranges

A beautiful pair, you could argue that Francie & Josie McZoo would look great in any room, and they would! However, their bright multi-coloured tones are a great match with a gentler palette - particularly pastels such as greens, yellows and burnt orange.

Maximalist interiors are the absolute core of interior trends this year, and gallery walls fall heavily into this. Include Francie & Josie’s vibrant colours in a full-scale gallery wall. The beauty of these is that they’re suitable for all rooms and there’s an increasing trend in gallery walls in kitchens, bathrooms and even landing and stairs spaces. 

Allan & Jackie McZoo - Blues, Pinks and Purples

One of Steven’s favourite animals, elephants are truly special - and these guys are no different. An eye-catching family in their own right, Allan & Jackie McZoo fit in nicely into a number of colourways although pinks and purples are a very good match.

With more Google searches globally than any other design style in 2021 (and growing even more in 2022) was cottagecore - which not only celebrates the rural lifestyle, but the pastel pinks, blues and purples which Allan & Jackie McZoo could work so well in.

Gordon McCoo - Dark Greys, Deep Purples and Dark Greens

Home libraries are becoming a huge home interior trend, and although they were once reserved for those with excess space in their homes, there’s been an uplift in DIY libraries being built into cupboard spaces, into living room walls and as part of home office spaces. 

This is where Gordon McCoo comes in. He matches perfectly with a number of darker tones, which are really popular with home libraries. His bright yellow tones match perfectly with a moodier palette, and add a much needed splash of colour to darker walls. Equally, our Gordon McCoo cushions could be a perfect addition to any home library or study, to cosy up with when reading a book, or to get comfortable when working from home.

Harris McCoo - Greys, Yellows and Oranges

If your home has more of an all-year-round autumnal vibe, then Harris is the coo for you. He’s the original coo - the first of Steven’s creations, and his blue hues are a perfect addition to rooms with yellowy orange tones and colourful interiors.

If you’re looking to redecorate, interior trends this year are very reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, including bold colours such as yellows, oranges and blues. Whether in cushion, canvas or even blanket form, Harris McCoo blends perfectly with a retro palette. 

Lizzie McCoo - Reds, Blues, Purples and Whites

Very fitting with Lizzie’s royal iteration which launched earlier this year, the best colour combinations for Lizzie include reds, purples, whites and blues. Although this sounds rather regal, Pantone actually recently named “Very Peri” as its colour of the year.

A bold blue with a violet-red undertone, it’s basically the perfect colour to match with a Lizzie McCoo canvas, and she fits well into a number of colourful interiors.

Forest of Argyle - Peach, Cream and Lilac 

An eye-catching piece in itself, the Forest of Argyle is best-mixed with more subtle tones such as peach and lilac.

After a couple of tumultuous years for us all, mindful spaces are a hot trend for 2022, and subtle, calming tones are reflective of this. The Forest of Argyle makes a great addition to any spaces that need to feel relaxing, including living rooms, nurseries and bedrooms.

However you choose to colour your home this year, add a splash of vibrancy with one of Steven Brown’s eye-catching collections. Available in everything from canvas prints and cushions, to chopping boards and candles, there are plenty of options to add moo-re colour into your home.

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