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Introducing Steven’s adorable new McCoo family - Ross & Claire McCoo.-Steven Brown Art

Introducing Steven’s adorable new McCoo family - Ross & Claire McCoo

 Ross & Claire McCoo and their adorable weans are the latest addition to our colourful crew! As a family man himself, Steven has had his eye on creating a family of four Coos in his iconic, vibrant style for some time.

Following the popularity of Alan & Jackie McZoo and Andy & Amy and The Wean, it’s not surprising a family of four McCoos is one of Steven’s most requested designs. With the concept of family featuring so heavily in the fans’ favourites, Ross & Claire have some big hooves to fill! For such a special piece, Steven wanted to spend his time perfecting the design and making sure that the artwork highlights his family values, love of colour and love for his home nation.

Steven selected the names that he felt both embodied the personalities of the Coos and represented their proud Scottish heritage. So, let’s learn a bit more about our highly anticipated McCoo foursome!

Nestled within the hills of Aberdeenshire you’ll find Ross & Claire and their dazzling herd.

Ross and Claire are the perfect match … well when Ross does as he’s told! Claire has the final moo on most things, and she makes sure life runs smooooothly. Kind and caring, she is the ultimate Mother Coo! Careful though, she’s not to be crossed – especially when it comes to the weans.

Ross is a big kid with a heart of gold – he loves nothing more than playing out in the field with the wee weans – much to Claire’s frustration when there are things to be done on the farm!

The weans bring laughter to the farm with their playful antics. They love nothing more than playing hide and seek in the fields, munching on thistles for their supper and playing tricks on their Mum and Dad.

Speaking proudly of his new design Steven said “With this being the first time I’ve featured four coos up close; I wanted to take my time and get it just right. To me, there is nothing more important than family, and I wanted that to show through the artwork with how close-knit the Coos are. The vibrancy of the Coos against the muted background shows that family brings colour and warmth when life might feel a bit grey! I hope you fall in love with Ross & Claire as much as I loved painting them.”

This family of four are sure to bring a splash of colour into your life!

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