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The Story of Heather McCoo-Steven Brown Art

The Story of Heather McCoo

Did you know that every single one of Steven’s McCoo’s are created with not only names, but personalities in mind? Steven’s love for Highland cows sparked his inspiration for his most iconic (and one of the most-loved) collections, and now there is a herd of over 60 coos and their families! 

Although Harris McCoo was first, and hippy-chick Lizze McCoo has become a fan favourite, it’s Heather McCoo who has taken the spotlight since she was created some years ago. She’s one of the most loved coos in Steven Brown’s colourful herd, and it’s easy to see why.

She’s a cheeky and glamorous multi-coloured highland cow who’s a typical teenager. She loves spending time with her friends, and is the cheeky coo with an answer for absolutely everything.

Out of all of the coos in all of the families, Steven himself has said that she’d be the one to go to university. She’s wise, she’s beautiful and she’s clever, articulate and sophisticated - she’s the coo that everyone wants to be like.

You could say that she’s an all rounder, which is why her and Chloe McCoo have such a close bond. Chloe is Heather’s best friend and is the most gentle and caring highland cow in the herd.

Chloe loves to paint, cook, write and be creative, and matched with Heather - they make quite the duo when they’re together.

Although most of the other coos are jealous of Heather, her kind nature means that she sees past the jealousy and towards her bright future. Her sister, Oor Senga keeps Heather on her toes and loves to keep up with the latest trend. The opposite of Heather, Oor Senga loves to party and is never on her own for long!

Even though the McCoo world is always growing, fans of Steven Brown Art would probably all agree that Heather McCoo will remain a favourite forever. The love we’ve received for Heather McCoo and her extensive coo family has encouraged us to create a whole range of products in honour of these colourful coos.

Here at Steven Brown HQ, we love seeing photos of Heather and the rest of the herd being shared across social media. Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Currently there’s up to 50% off everything Heather McCoo, so you can snap up a little something featuring everyone’s favourite coo! Sale ends 11:59pm on Monday 2nd May, 2022.

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