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Have you learned a new skill or achieved a long-held goal during lockdown? A few of my more determined friends have learned a new language, another is learning to draw. Many more have been perfecting the art of juggling the boundless energy of children while participating in a conference call!

In a garden in North Somerset, one couple have been carrying out a complete transformation. Not dying their hair or turning into Joe Wicks, but, inspired by Steven’s iconic Francie & Josie, they have created something rather extraordinary.

As long-standing fans of Steven Brown Art, this creative pair love their iconic Francie & Josie canvas and drinks coasters. They are also the proud owners of a pair of traditional African iron giraffes. Sadly these magnificent statues were starting to rust, and were in need of some love to give them a new lease of life.

Inspired by their love of Francie & Josie, the artistic couple set about transforming their giraffes into a colourful tribute to the originals. Taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather, the work was carried out in their garden. It has been a true labour of love and has taken roughly 110 hours in total. Not deterred by thunderstorms which could have wreaked havoc on their work, the painters hastily rigged up an awning to continue undercover. Two weeks, and many tins of Hammerite later, they were complete.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the finished giraffes look absolutely amazing, and make a wonderfully colourful talking point. Happily residing in the garden, these leggy creatures are inspiring smiles, and bringing a bright splash of the exotic to N. Somerset.

Once you own a piece of Steven Brown Art, it becomes a part of your story, and we absolutely love hearing about the special meaning your artwork holds for you.

If you would like to tell us how Steven Brown Art has inspired you, then please get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.

August 30, 2020 — Ian Chappell